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Practitioner Training


In this course participants will explore and develop the qualities and skills of a therapist. Participants will also develop and master the MBR Tools & knowledge, through looking at and developing case studies. They will receive extensive knowledge of common client questions & issues and will have ample opportunity to practice the delivery of MBR material.


Those gaining the Practitioner Certificate will be given access to a closed MBR practitioner forum, where they can ask questions and gain knowledge & support from other MBR practitioners. Practitioners will be expected to participate in on-going supervision and continuous professional development.


Course Overview


  • Therapy best practice

  • The importance of confidentiality

  • The importance of self-care

  • Case studies

  • Common Client Issues

  • Common Client Questions

  • Practice the delivery of the material to clients

  • The importance of Supervision


Course Duration and Time Commitment


7 x Bi-Weekly Lectures - Saturday mornings

2 hour duration

Intensive practice with cohort members

Weekly group supervision sessions

2 x 1:1 private tutorial

20 minute duration

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