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Clare Caldwell
Founder of The MBR & Trainer

Clare is the founder of The MindBody Reconnect, which specialises in working with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, IBS, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression and any condition or illness which may have a component related to the mind body connection. Clare has helped thousands of clients create symptom free health. 


From the age of twenty-two, Clare worked in the NHS as a manager, during this time she developed a special interest in preventive medicine.


Clare was diagnosed with ME in 1988, which lasted for over 2 years. She recovered and returned to work but suffered a more severe episode in 1992, which endured until her full recovery in 2004.


Following her recovery Clare trained in Complementary Therapies, including Clinical Reflexology and Reiki. She trained in Mickel Therapy in 2005/6, with the intention of supporting others in their journey back to health. Clare became Head Practitioner and Head of Training at Mickel Therapy in 2012, until she departed to create the MindBody Reconnect in 2018. 


Clare has been inspired by the work of Dr Gabor Mate, a key thinker in how illness is created by the disconnect between the mind & the body. She successfully completed his post graduate level course in Compassionate Inquiry in 2019-20.


Clare’s experience of illness and her work and extensive research has put her in a unique position to create The MindBody Reconnect.


The MindBody Reconnect brings a new understanding of how illness & disease is created. More significantly Clare has developed tools which help the mind and body to reconnect and to create a life which is healthy, brings joy, and has meaning.


Clare now trains practitioners in the MindBody Reconnect and is developing self-help and online programs for people experiencing symptoms around the mind body disconnect.



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