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Alice Bowley

Alice suffered from CFS/ME for 3 years and then fully recovered through The MindBody Reconnect (MBR). Not only did her symptoms completely improve but MBR also empowered her with the tools to understand and respect herself, leading her to create a more fulfilled life with healthy relationships. Her new knowledge became her passion and soon inspired her to train with Clare Caldwell to become a qualified MBR Practitioner. 


At first Alice was sceptical of the MBR approach and after being diagnosed with CFS/ME by her Doctor she was told she there was no cure and must learn to live with her symptoms. However, once she began the practice she soon started to recover, learning about how our brains link our emotional, mental and physical health - ideas that are now becoming more common place within the mainstream medical model.

As well as being an MBR practitioner, Alice is a mother who has lived and worked on the land most of her life, with an interest in herbal medicine, social justice and holistic health. She is a trained Organic grower and Nature and Health Facilitator with years of experience supporting people with their wellbeing.

Alice has successfully guided people in their recovery from ME/CFS, Long Covid, IBS, anxiety, depression, insomnia and migraines, amongst other chronic conditions, using the MBR approach.


For a free 30 minute no obligation chat or to book a session (over the phone or on video call) contact her via email:


Visit Alice's website:


 Follow her on instagram @AliceBowley_MBR or facebook: Alice Bowley-The MindBody Reconnect

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