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Helen Kneebone

Helen experienced the symptoms of fibromyalgia for many years before her diagnosis.  She had periods of being unable to work due to the chronic fatigue, extensive muscle pain and depression.  She  recovered using the theory and tools which underpin MBR and this has become her passion as she wants to share this knowledge to help others recover.


The first thing this approach gave Helen was hope, and then came recovery and then inspiration.  Helen not only recovered her health but also discovered what is most important to her in her life.  During her own therapy, she discovered a love of pottery and continues to enjoy making wonky pots!  Helen also enjoys long dog walks, swimming in the sea (in the summer) and generally being out in nature.  If no one is around she loves a kitchen disco and loud music!


Helen is a very proud mum of two teenage boys who have also benefited from her recovery.  She hopes that, in the future, MBR can reach children and young people so they can understand, from an early age, the connection between mind and body and how this helps maintain health.


Helen has over 20 years nursing experience and uses this, along with her compassionate, knowledgeable and calm approach, to provide insight into your symptoms; into yourself, and into the connection between the mind and the body.  


To find out more visit Helen’s website

And instagram account @insightfulhealing


Contact Helen for a FREE 30 minute discovery call


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