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Penny Mackay

Having suffered from anxiety at various points in her life and growing up in a family affected by depression and chronic fatigue, Penny brings a deep understanding of the debilitating impact that this can have on our lives. Penny says “I've always had the feeling that modern medicine's approach to eradicating symptoms felt like a quick fix. It didn't address the root of the problem.”


Following an acute episode of anxiety in her 20s, Penny was introduced to MBR by a close family member. This, alongside her own personal reading and exploration proved to be life changing. Penny’s view on her symptoms changed. By bringing awareness and compassion she was able to see them for what they were, a useful message from the body that something in her life required attention & action. 


Penny completed the MindBody Reconnect Practitioner training programme in July 2021 and is currently studying with Gabor Mate on his Compassionate Inquiry programme. Penny says “I am passionate about sharing this knowledge more widely so we can live in a world that validates the emotional experience rather than hides from it. It has been my dream ever since I completed therapy to share this knowledge as widely as possible”. 


For more information, please see Penny’s personal website She is looking forward to working with you.

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