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Self Development Training

The purpose of the course is to enable participants to 

  • develop self-awareness 

  • understand how illness is generated in the body and why 

  • explore knowledge, tools and techniques to enable people to recover from illness, particularly ME/CFS, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, FMA, IBS, Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

  • learn to connect with the Authentic Emotion generated by the Emotional Brain

  • understand the purpose of the Emotional Brain

  • learn to use the guidance provided by the Emotional Brain.

  • gain an understanding of the thinking brain in the creation of health, ill health and how to work with it.

To acquire & apply the knowledge to create a life that meets your needs at the levels of mind, body, emotions & spirit.  You will learn how to connect with your body’s wisdom in order to create a fulfilled life with maximum health & wellbeing.

Course Duration and Time Commitment


12 x Bi-Weekly Lectures - Saturday mornings

2 hour duration

12 x Bi-weekly Cohort Groups – to be agreed by cohort

1 hour duration

2 x 1:1 private tutorial

20 minute duration


Daily self-care practice (of own choice) – 5 minutes per day


Journaling – 5-10 minutes per day


Reading & Video review at least 1 hour per week

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