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Keelin Nielsen Donohoe


Keelin had experienced unexplained symptoms for many years but when covid hit Keelin became housebound, unable to walk more than a few steps.


She found herself dealing with pain, fatigue and seizures among other symptoms. A week after her diagnosis of fibromyalgia, Keelin decided to change her career path and enrol in a naturopathic college. She was determined to find a way to get her life back.

Keelin studied in the short time in the day she felt well enough, and became a qualified health coach. She also become knowledgeable in many other areas of the holistic world. However, she always felt that there was a missing piece of the puzzle she was yet to find.

After two years of being housebound and searching for answers, she came across The MindBody Reconnect. Within a few months she felt well again and had begun to rebuild her life. 

When Keelin was sick, she was advised by many people to prioritise rest instead of doing the things that brought her joy. Now, she loves going on adventures with her friends and family and trying new things that excite her (her favourite so far has been yoga- but recently surfing has been added to her bucket list!). 

Keelin's experience with symptoms and being housebound helps her to bring a compassionate, hopeful, and reassuring effect to her sessions with her clients. She will help you to put the puzzle pieces of the mind-body connection together so you can not only get well again but also live a fulfilling and happy life. 

To find out more, visit Keelin's website

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