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Elaine Perrin

Elaine recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome using the MBR approach after finding mainstream medicine offered little to relieve her debilitating symptoms. 

“MBR helped me to notice fluctuations in my symptoms which I wasn’t even aware of before. This, along with the MBR tools, allowed me to overcome ME/CFS and finally get my life back”

She quickly realised that she wanted to share this wonderful process and help others get their life back and so completed the practitioner training in 2021. 

Elaine now combines working as an MBR practitioner with her part time role in the health service. “With the gentle encouragement of my MBR practitioner I have now found a balance in my life I never thought possible. I am delighted to be able to help others achieve this using the MBR process of bringing emotional balance back to their lives”

If you’d like to find out more about MBR, Elaine offers a free 30 minute consultation. 


You can contact Elaine by email:

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