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Therapist Training

July -August 2020

Clare Caldwell is planning to run an intensive on-line Personal Development & Practitioner training programme in winter 2022. For further details contact Clare.


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Working with Your Emotions

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Clare has worked in health coaching since 2005, prior to that she was involved in NHS healthcare and for more than a decade volunteered for a charity helpline for people in distress.

1988 she developed ME/CFS and in total experienced symptoms of ME for 15 years

On her journey back to health she engaged with more than 12 different therapies and tried other approaches with little success. In 2005 she discovered Mickel Therapy, a guided self help approach to recovery from ME, CFS, PDS, IBS, FMSA anxiety and other conditions. This led to Clare becoming symptom free and achieving a full recovery.

Clare trained as a Mickel practitioner in 2005 and has been working full time since then, aiding thousands of others afflicted by medical conditions which are not properly explained by traditional medical thinking, to recovery.

Since 2013, Clare has had a leading role in the development  of Mickel Therapy. Clare was asked to take this role due to her extensive knowledge and experience of Mickel Therapy and her vast experience of working with clients.

As Clinical Director she has advanced the therapy developed by Dr Mickel and taken it to new heights.

Clare also has the role of trainer with Mickel Therapy and has trained over 30 practitioners in the UK and Australia.

The knowledge that Clare has acquired in her work and research is not solely for people who have become ill, but importantly can be used by everyone to maximise their health and wellbeing. It is important not to inadvertently make decisions that cause us to travel down the path of ill health.

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