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Bee Denning

Bee had ME/CFS for 13 years and spent several years mostly housebound. She eventually recovered from this but went on to develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivities which became so extreme that she was unable to interact with people or go into buildings due to the products that were used, and became isolated and unable to work. 


Life was feeling pretty hopeless until she was introduced by phone to Clare Caldwell who is the creator of the MindBody Reconnect. Clare recognised that the symptoms Bee was experiencing were created by the hypothalamus being in overdrive and Bee learned that she hadn’t been responding to emotions in the way her emotional brain needed her to and that they were being stored in the body creating symptoms. With Clare’s support Bee had an absolutely miraculous recovery and is now leading choirs, cycling, running and swimming on Dartmoor and has the tools to keep herself happy and healthy for the rest of her life.


Having had such an amazing experience with this work Bee did the 2020/21 training to become an MBR practitioner. She sees this practice as a compassionate, supportive and blame free route to recovery for people living with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Anxiety, Depression or Energy Disorders. 


If you would like to work with Bee and learn this truly amazing practice, get in touch to arrange a free 30 minute consultation. You would then have weekly sessions on zoom or by phone until your symptoms started to improve, at which point the sessions become less frequent.  


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