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Amy Harrison

Amy is an effective MBR practitioner and sound meditation teacher based in London, with a background in the arts and childcare. 


A few years prior to her MBR training, Amy had spent half a decade living with unbearable chronic fatigue, sleepless nights and digestive problems. 


Amy was introduced to The MindBody Reconnect and immediately knew that this was the process to her recovery. While integrating the teachings and applying them to her life, Amy’s playful energy and vigour for life returned. 


During this process, Amy reclaimed not only her physical health, but also her emotional health and resilience. 


Amy qualified in her MBR training in 2020, and now empowers and guides others to their recovery- sharing in depth knowledge and tools to assist in the reclamation of joy and vitality.


Amy has a strong passion for sharing knowledge around the importance and the role of emotions, and their connection to the mind, body and energy. Amy has a keen interest in self-development and meta-physics, and is influenced by the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle and Wim Hof. 


If you feel a calling to discover how MBR will work for you, you can connect with Amy for a free 30-minute consultation over zoom. 


You can get in touch via email:

Or Instagram:

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